THH TX43 Full Face Helmet


THH TX43 Full Face Helmet


THH Helmets meet superior quality helmets and certified with ISI and DOT that keep you completely safe and protected during your all trip. With highly efficients design, THH Helmets is made with Unbreakable hard ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) shell which eliminates the impact and so with its EPS liner provides you with extreme durabilty. Inner cushions padding are sweat absorbing and provide you extreme comfirtness during your adventurous rides. The scratch resistant visor is just made to give you undistracted view on the roads and and ensuring with no breakage. The products comes with different attractive graphics design and colors for the choice of evrerone. Its chin starp doesnt let your helmet unlock and comes off during any accident that ensure the safety of your head.

Highlights –

Weight: 1500 g
Type: Full Face
For Men, Women
Visor Present
Quick Release Buckle



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