Sena HD Speakers for 50S, 30K, 20S, 20S Evo


Speakers compatible with the Sena 30K20S EVO20S, and 50S


Take your sound to a higher level with Sena HD Speakers. Developed as stock speakers for the 50S, these premium speakers are now also compatible with Sena 30K, 20S EVO and 20S models. These plug directly into your Sena speaker connection and with a firmware update, you can take advantage of crisper sound with a new audio profile from the Sena app.


  • Driver: 40mm x 7.2mm
  • Boosted bass
  • Enhanced clarity


  • Sena 50S (as replacement stock speakers)
  • Sena 30K
  • Sena 20S EVO
  • Sena 20S


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