Sena 50S Dual Harman Kardon Mesh Intercom


Sena 50S Harman Kardon Mesh Intercom Dual


The motorcycle industry’s leading communication device just got better with Sound By Harman Kardon. The helmet-mounted 50S packs premium Mesh and Bluetooth® communication capability into an sleek device with Sena’s tried and true jog-dial design. Connect with limitless riders over Sena’s Mesh network or pair your smartphone to listen to music, GPS, or take phone calls all through premium Sound By Harman Kardon speakers.

Sound By Harman Kardon

The Quantum Series offers an unmatched audio experience with Sound By Harman Kardon. Both the speakers and microphone were crafted by the sound engineers at Harman Kardon to provide the benchmark for world-class sound inside of a motorcycle helmet. Premium speakers deliver crystal clear audio to riders’ ears while the microphone, with a newly designed sensor, provides robust performance for voice communication while chasing horizons.

Updates to the Mesh technology provide a more reliable and clear connection. Within the Mesh network, riders will have the ability to choose two different types of channels: Multi-Channel Open Mesh Intercom, allowing connections to a near-limitless number of riders inside of a 5-mile range and Group Mesh Intercom, providing the ability to create a private mesh intercom group of up to 24 riders. Additionally, the four-way Bluetooth intercom mode continues to be an option for connecting other Sena Bluetooth-enabled users within a 1.2-mile range.

Voice commands give you control of Sena’s 50S system functions, such as answering the phone or starting up a Group Mesh session. These voice command functions are offered across eight languages including English, Spanish, French and more!

The unit fully charges in only an hour, providing 9 hours of Mesh intercom talk time or 14 hours of Bluetooth intercom talk time. Using the included Sena WiFi Adapter, in as little as 20 minutes the 50S wil

l provide up to 3.5 hours of Mesh communication or 6 hours of Bluetooth intercom. The WiFi Adapter also be programmed to automatically install any available firmware update making it easier than ever to keep the unit up-to-date!


  • Premium Speakers & Microphone with SOUND BY Harman Kardon
  • One-Click-to-Connect Mesh Intercom, Robust Reliability
  • Mesh Intercom 2.0 Technology
  • Voice-activated digital assistant access (“Hey Google”/”Hey Siri”)
  • 30% faster rapid charging – full charge after 1 hour
  • Quick Charge: 20 minutes of charging equals 6 hours Bluetooth intercom or 3.5 hours Mesh Intercom
  • 9 hours of Mesh intercom talk time or 14 hours of Bluetooth intercom talk time.
  • Sena Motorcycle app provides a way to visually configure and connect to other riders
  • Automatic firmware updates via the included WiFi Adapter
  • Multi-channel open mesh intercom (up to 9 channels)
  • Simplified layout with large jog dial menu navigation
  • Open Mesh Intercom: Range of up to 5 miles / 8 km (min. 6 riders @ 1 mi / 1.6 km intervals)
  • Bluetooth Intercom: Range of up to 1.2 miles in open terrain
  • Remote control compatible
  • Music sharing
  • Audio Multitasking
  • Advanced Noise Control
  • Wide volume control
  • 3.5mm earbud port
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Dual Headset



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