Axxis Draken Gloss Flor Green


Axxis Draken S Wind Helmet is dual (ECE/DOT) certified premium helmet that fits in your budget.


Axxis Draken S Wind Helmets carry International ECE/DOT certification and are equipped with EU Fastening system. You can easily fasten or remove the chin strap even while wearing gloves. These helmets feature ‘Multiple-density’ EPS. In Multiple density EPS, if one EPS cell is crushed under impact, the surrounding cells assist with the energy absorption. It is similar to crumple zones in cars and is safer for the rider.

Axxis Draken S Wind Helmet don’t give you same shell with different thickness padding to make it fit different sizes. You get multiple shell sizes of High Impact Polycarbonate for that perfect fit and safety.

Easily removable and washable lining enables to keep the Axxis Draken helmet feeling and smelling like new. Anti-allergic and wicking fabric used for liners provide comfortable feel and better sweat absorption. The chin curtain reduces noise inside the helmet and is removable. Multiple vents with channelled air flow enhance rider comfort and focus.

The max vision visor provides wider field of visibility and are pin-lock ready. The visors are equipped with QRS (Quick release system) for quick visor removal without using any tools. Pinlock® offers a fantastic solution against shield fogging. The Pinlock® insert (sold separately) absorbs moisture on the inside and offers you continuous clear visibility.


  • High impact polycarbonate shell for improved strength.
  • Multiple sizes to provide the right fit.
  • First in this price segment -Multi-density inner EPS, designed for better impact absorption.
  • Multiple vents for improved air flow to enhance rider comfort.


  • DOT (US)
  • ECE R-22.05 (EU)
  • ISI 4151 (India)
  • EU Ratchet fasteners for easy fastening and unfastening even while gloved


  • Pinlock ready max vision visor – equipped to attach/detach anti-fog inserts.
  • Axxis’s quick release system (QRS) helps in removing and replacing the visor effortlessly.
  • Optimum visor closing
  • Interior:
    • Anti-allergic and wicking internal fabrics – absorbs and dissipates perspiration from the skin.
    • Easily removable and washable interiors to keep helmet clean.
    • Removable chin curtain.


    • 1450 (+/-50) grams.

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