BS15 – Smart Battery Charger


BS15 – Smart Battery Charger

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• The multi axis hook allows the BS15 to be hung everywhere
• It can rotate 360 degrees on its horizontal axis and 180 degrees on its vertical axis
• Solid build engineered to last for ages
• Designed to be practical and space saver


• Fully automatic : no risk of overcharge when the charger is connected
• Spark free and reverse polarity protection
• Ideal for seasonal battery maintenance


• High frequency switching mode
• Optimizes the charge duration
• Provides a fastest charge than conventional charger


• Smart chargers
• Battery recondition
• Can restore tired, deeply discharged or sulphated batteries
• Increase the battery life & performance


• Electrical plug with cable
• Long cables
• Reinforced power cords for heavy-duty conditions

Technical Specifications:

Type – 8-stage smart charger
Input range – 100-240 VAC
Output current – 1.5A
Suitable for charging – 12V Battery
Rejuvenation mode – yes
Equalization mode – yes
Battery range (Ah) charging- 4-30
Battery range (Ah) maintaining – 4-60
Size LxWxH (mm)-179x71x32
Weight- 0.45kg
Types of Battery- Most battery types including GEL, AGM, WET CELL and CALCIUM
INITIAL QUALIFICATION : tests automatically the battery condition and determines if the charger initiates the rejuvenation or the charging cycle.
 REJUVENATION : Rejuvenates sulfated batteries with a high frequency pulse.
 SOFT START : Increases battery life by gently starting to charge the battery.
 BULK CHARGE : reduces charging time by delivering maximum charge to set voltage.
 ABSORPTION : ensures a full charge to the battery without overcharging.
 BATTERY TEST : tests the battery to ensure full charge.
 FLOAT : Float charge maintains the battery at 100% charge. 21 days restart.
 LONG TERM MAINTENANCE : If the battery voltage sinks, the special pulses will keep the battery in optimal states.


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