Scala Rider Cardo Packtalk Headset – SRPT0002

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Scala Rider Cardo Packtalk Headset – SRPT0002 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System. InStock.

Dual-Technology: DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) and Bluetooth 4.1 operate simultaneously.

Cardo Gateway allows universal pairing to any Bluetooth headset.

DMC Mesh Networking connects 2-15 riders for long-range intercom with unimaginable stability, eliminates daisy-chain pairing structure of Bluetooth headsets.

Parallel Audio Streaming technology allows intercom conversation while simultaneously listening to music, FM radio, or GPS for every rider in the group.

Waterproof/Dustproof, Self-Adjusting Volume, Music Sharing, SmartSet app Remote Control/Customization, Voice Recognition, Removable HD Speakers (3.5mm), Firmware Upgradable, Unique Roller-Wheel and Flat-Plate Control Panel.

DMC Bridge allows any standard Bluetooth intercom or outside mobile caller to join a DMC mesh-group conversation, and Private Chat for 1:1 conversation while no other rider can listen in with any member of your group (both are exclusive to PACKTALK model)

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