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Ride As One


Bikes are numerous, riders are countless but what is one in all is the passion……. Passion to ride…. Some ride for peace, some for brotherhood, some for pride and some for pleasure. But guides all is the spirit to conquer the roads. Umpteen rides have been organised by various groups and one such coming up […]

Scala Rider Cardo Packtalk Headset – SRPT0002

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Scala Rider Cardo Packtalk Headset – SRPT0002 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System. InStock. Dual-Technology: DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) and Bluetooth 4.1 operate simultaneously. Cardo Gateway allows universal pairing to any Bluetooth headset. DMC Mesh Networking connects 2-15 riders for long-range intercom with unimaginable stability, eliminates daisy-chain pairing structure of Bluetooth headsets. Parallel Audio Streaming technology allows […]